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Apt-GB (Teleprompter.Video)

Stand: R-D03
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Apt-GB (Teleprompter.Video)

Introducing Apt-GB, where innovation meets precision in sound engineering and discreet stage performance solutions.

At Apt-GB, our reputation is built on unparalleled expertise in two distinct realms of audio technology.

Firstly, we excel in crafting OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) speaker products, finely tuned to your specifications. Whether you seek a singular custom design or an entire product line, we pride ourselves on matching your precise acoustic requirements. Our team's dedication to quality ensures that each speaker embodies excellence, delivering impeccable sound reproduction tailored to your needs.

In addition to our speaker expertise, Apt-GB is at the forefront of designing covert stage lyric prompters, specifically catered to the demanding touring market. Our discreet prompters provide artists with seamless access to lyrics, ensuring flawless performances without compromising on stage presence. With meticulous attention to detail, our prompters blend seamlessly into any stage setup, empowering performers to deliver unforgettable experiences to their audiences.

At Apt-gb, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of audio technology, offering tailored solutions that elevate your sound experience and stage performance to new heights. Experience the difference with Apt-gb – where precision, innovation, and excellence converge.

Leading the design team, company founder Graham Gosden has over 20 years of design and engineering experience in live touring and fixed installations.

All our cabinets are made right here on-site at our manufacturing facility in Cornwall.


Puckator Farm
St Cleer
PL14 6EQ
United Kingdom


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