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6 CHAUVET Professional Products You Need in 2024

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6 CHAUVET Professional Products You Need in 2024

With the event season on the horizon, the industry is busy reviewing inventory and identifying their key areas to invest ready for the busy year ahead. That makes now a better time than most to plan ahead and upgrade your lighting. With their vast choice of lighting solutions and continuous new innovations, we’ve picked 6 of our favourites that we think you need in 2024, based on innovation, practicality and potential rental ROI.


COLORado PXL Curve 12

This incredibly innovative fixture features 12 pixel-mappable RGBW 45W LEDs but its party trick is very unique and raises it above just an ordinary lighting bar; every LED source is motorised. That’s right, all 12 LED sources feature a 200° tilt and the fixtures are easily stacked edge-to-edge, meaning you can create a seamless shape-shifting spine of mesmerising lighting effects, comfortable in any professional stage setting.

Every cell features a 5.7 to 36.3° degree zoom range so you can add dancing effects to your production.

Individual control over each cell gives you pretty much limitless configuration for your shows and the fixture is IP65 rated so can be used indoor and out.

Why we love it:

  • 12x motorised, zoomable, pixel-mappable RGBW LED sources for ultimate scalability
  • 5.7 – 36.3 degree zoom rage on each cell for dancing effects
  • IP65 rated for all-weather use
  • Flexible control options: DMX, sACN, Art-Net, Kling-Net and RDM
  • Slotted Omega brackets for easy hanging on truss



Outdoor-ready, no cables, discreet housing and convenient flight case charging make the WELLFit uplighters extremely easy to deploy on any event or project, making them a must-have for any AV production or hire company. The chrome enclosure of the WELLFit allows the uplighter to blend in seamlessly to almost any environment. The WELLFit features a charging flightcase, meaning the fixtures can be charged and protected all at the same time. 

Why we love it:

  • Blends into any décor
  • IP rated so extremely versatile
  • Charging Flightcase
  • Strong ROI as it can be used in most applications 


Rogue Outcast 1 BeamWash

The Rogue Outcast 1 BeamWash features a unique lens design that allows for tight beam effects and a wide zoom range of 3.9° to 55.3° for maximum coverage. The seven 45W RGBW LEDs are surrounded by a stunning 12-Zone pixel-mappable RGB LED Ring, allowing for the fixture to create truly fascinating visual effects. Weighing in at a lightweight 9kg, this fixture is easier than most moving heads to hang and it is also housed in a rugged IP65-rated enclosure that has been proven to withstand the elements. 

Why we love it:

  • Stunning 12-zone pixel-mappable RGB LED ring
  • IP65 rated so extremely versatile
  • Wide zoom range of 3.9 – 55.3 degrees for tight beam effects and large washes


Ovation E-2 FC

Taking inspiration from the successful E-910FC, the Ovation E-2 FC comes equipped with a plethora of features making it the perfect fixture for small theatres, studios and venues. The E-2 FC boasts extraordinary lighting quality and CRI, near-silent operation, an integrated 25-50° zoom lens, an RGBAL LED engine and also features a one-touch auto focus button for seamless focussing without a board op. Its +/- green adjustment lets you finely dial in beautiful skin tones and the emulated redshift gives the fixture the traditional tungsten appearance that many theatres seek.

But what makes this fixture so good is its wide zoom range from such a compact fixture thanks to its integrated zoom lens, and its dedicated Focus Mode button. This lets you seamlessly focus without a board op, ideal for small theatre stages, schools and auditoriums. 

Why we love it:

  • One-touch auto focus button
  • Integrated zoom lens and wide zoom angle
  • GBAL light engine
  • +/- green adjustment for finely dialled skin tones
  • Near silent operation


Cloud 9

The Cloud 9 low-lying fogger creates thick, cloud-like effects with a high-impact output, perfect for large-scale stages, theatres, live performances and theme parks. Unlike traditional dry-ice machines, the Cloud 9 uses water and fog fluid to operate, this removes the need for Dry Ice and CO2 and therefore any extra licensing or training, making this unit the perfect addition to your rental inventory and for installation on small theatres and in schools. The Cloud 9 is housed in a robust road case, fitted with metal handles and wheels for easy transport and storage and also features large caster wheels to glide across any stage.

Why we love it:

  • Requires NO dry ice /CO2 licensing or training
  • Quick heat up time (4 minutes) and continuous operation
  • Large caster wheels for easy transport
  • Quick ROI thanks so it’s application flexibility


Net-X II

The Net-X II is an Ethernet-to-DMX node featuring two 5-pin DMX inputs and eight 5-pin DMX outputs that have been optically isolated, and can output up to whopping 8 universes simultaneously. The unit, along with it’s rack-mountable frame and onboard control screen also has the ability to record up to 10 DMX presets that can be triggered remotely with sACN or Art-Net making it perfect for any kind of fixed installation. The support of DMX, Art-Net, sACN, RDM and LTP & HTP protocols allows this unit to be extremely versatile and suitable for almost any lighting application.

Why we love it:

  • Professional 5 Pin connectors
  • Records up to 10 DMX Presets that can be triggered remotely
  • Complete control with DMX, Art-Net, sACN, RDM and LTP & HTP protocols
  • Functions as a merger for two controllers
  • Daisy chain via etherCON for added scalability


As Your Trade Distributors of CHAUVET Professional, we are here to support you with large stock and competitive pricing across their extensive portfolio of professional lighting products. Contact our team now for knowledgeable technical support, next-day delivery and helpful after-sales care.





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