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Pixeled's Success with CHAUVET Lights at Enter Shikari Concert

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Pixeled's Success with CHAUVET Lights at Enter Shikari Concert

With their expertise in lighting, video, stage effects, and audio services, Pixeled Event Production Ltd have worked with some of the biggest names in the business, collaborating with renowned artists, musicians, event producers, promoters, production managers, and lighting designers.

Even after touring with this band for a number of years, imagine the buzz of excitement when Pixeled was tasked with supplying the lighting for the electrifying band, Enter Shikari, at the iconic Slam Dunk Festival. To create an unforgettable visual spectacle, they knew they needed top-of-the-line fixtures, and their gaze landed upon CHAUVET Professional's exceptional range.

With a keen eye for perfection, Pixeled selected a powerful combination of CHAUVET fixtures that would perfectly capture their creative vision. The Rogue R3 Beam, the shining star of their already impressive collection, was an obvious choice. They sought an upgrade from a previous fixture that didn't quite deliver the desired performance, and the R3 Beam proved to be the answer. Boasting a solid beam with a narrow degree output and an incredible punch, this fixture truly brought the stage to life. To amplify the wow factor, Pixeled deployed 18 R3 Beams in a mesmerising 3x3 grid formation, utilising their dual prism feature for a mind-blowing display.

But Pixeled didn't stop there. Enter Shikari's dynamic music demanded fixtures that could match their boundless energy. Enter the Rogue Outcast 2 Hybrid, a versatile powerhouse capable of transforming from a beam to a spot, creating an endless possibility of aerial effects. Its dynamic functions were a perfect match for the band's explosive performance. Adding to the versatility, the fixture is also IP65-rated, ensuring that Enter Shikari could rock on, rain or shine, while still looking absolutely fantastic.

To put the finishing touches on this dazzling production, Pixeled decided to compliment their R3 Beam & Outcast 2 Hybrid with the Rogue R3X and Rogue R2X Washes. These mighty fixtures completed the ensemble as a rolling floor package and provided atmospheric side wash.

In addition to the Enter Shikari shows these fixtures have been used for other productions. Picture eight R3X wash fixtures arranged in a captivating U-frame section, serving as the backdrop for the stage for While She Sleeps on their Parkway Drive arena tour, further showcasing the adaptability and impact of these fixtures.

The CHAUVET Professional fixtures, now cherished staples in Pixeled Event Productions' inventory, continue to tour the world, lending their mesmerising charm to shows by The Amity Affliction and Nova Twins. When these fixtures join forces, they create a jaw-dropping "wow" factor, elevating these bands performance to new heights and leaving audiences breathless.

With Pixeled Event Production Ltd and their arsenal of CHAUVET Professional fixtures, the world of live music is transformed into a dazzling tapestry of sound and light. Brace yourself for an immersive experience that will ignite your senses and leave an indelible mark on your memories.


Photo Credits: @ishashahphotography





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