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Funktion-One Research

Stand: N-B32
  • Audio

Funktion-One is a designer and manufacturer of high performance loudspeaker systems. The company's innovative and uncompromising approach avoids the need for corrective EQ and focuses on engineering loudspeakers that naturally perform to the highest level. The result is maximum resolution, realism and, ultimately, involving listening experiences.


Funktion-One Research Limited
Hoyle, Horsham Road
Beare Green
United Kingdom

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Contact Exhibitor

  • The newly launched F1201.2 features Funktion-One sound in an extremely versatile 12” and horn-loaded 1” configuration. It can be used as a full range cabinet, providing balanced low frequency down to ...
  • Evo X is a significant development of the full range, fully horn loaded, 90° horizontal dispersion loudspeaker. Utilising the latest Funktion-One waveguide and advanced driver technology, Evo X delive ...
  • Vero VX delivers next level performance in a relatively compact, vertically arrayable format. VX90 is a 3-way loudspeaker with four Funktion-One designed Neodymium drivers in a horizontally symmetric ...
  • F81.2 brings the definition, vocal intelligibility and overall clarity that Funktion-One is known for to a small scale cabinet size, making it a highly versatile and cost effective solution for domest ...
  • SB10 is a compact, yet powerful and dynamic bass speaker, perfect for bars, restaurants, retail outlets and galleries, as well as consumer applications, such as home theatre or as bass extension for t ...
  • Extrema Noir 2022 - XXL Indoor Edition took place at Trixxo Arena, Hasselt, Belgium on Saturday 16th December 2022 and featured one of the largest Funktion-One Vero sound systems Europe has ever seen
  • Funktion-One designed a special sound system featuring an 8.5m bass tower for Carl Cox Live at Wembley Arena.
  • Funktion-One's new generation of Compact Range speakers features enhanced driver technology and new porting techniques.
  • Evo X is a significant development of the full range, completely horn-loaded loudspeaker. Utilising the latest Funktion-One waveguide technology, it provides 90° horizontal dispersion and high SPL.
  • On 15th October 2022, Carl Cox performed his new album 'Electronic Generations' live for the first time at Wembley Arena. This pivotal moment in his decades-spanning career marked a shift from DJ to l ...
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