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06 May 2023

The AED Audio Flex6 sets the standard for unmatched flexibility

AED Audio Stand: N-A02

Experience the world's most versatile speaker, the AED Audio Flex6. With just 5 accessories, unlock a whopping 23 different setups to cater to all your audio needs. From an upscale VIP reception in a retail store to a massive rock festival for 10,000 people in a vibrant meadow, the Flex6 is your ultimate audio solution. Say goodbye to investing in multiple speakers and say hello to unparalleled flexibility and exceptional sound quality! Unleash the Power of Multipurpose Audio The Flex6 is not your ordinary loudspeaker. As the most professional multipurpose audio product available worldwide, it can adapt effortlessly to any application. With its remarkable 1,300W RMS power, this speaker can be utilized in a myriad of ways. Mount it on a pole, stack it to create a column array, or fly it as a line array with up to sixteen cabinets. Need a sub-top combination? Simply place two horizontally on a pole. The possibilities are endless! Why bother with different loudspeakers when the Flex6 can do it all? Prepare to revolutionize your audio inventory with this efficient and versatile marvel! Unrivaled Features for Unmatched Performance 15° x 100° (-6dB SPL) rotatable horn (patent pending): Customize your sound dispersion to perfection. Integrated rigging: Effortlessly set up and secure your speakers with ease. Multi-functional rotatable logo LED: Add a touch of style and flair to your setup. 2x handle with integrated pole mount: Conveniently transport and position your speakers. Unique power-to-size ratio: Experience outstanding power and performance in a compact design. Make a Sound Investment Invest in the AED Audio Flex6 and witness a remarkable return on your audio inventory. With its multipurpose and flexible applications, this speaker is guaranteed to elevate your sound experience in any setting. Whether you're hosting events, concerts, or corporate functions, the Flex6 consistently delivers exceptional sound quality that will leave your audience in awe. Don't compromise on versatility or audio excellence. Experience the future of audio technology today: let's meet and discover the AED Audio Flex6.




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