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CASA Series Active Subs and Cabinets

Citronic Stand: N-C30

CASA Series Active PA Cabinets

Versatile full-range active moulded PA cabinets with built-in high efficiency class D amplifier. A DSP controller offers 5 switchable output profiles which are suited to different program material. Inputs are provided on XLR/jack with mic/line level switching and RCA line connectors. A built-in audio module provides playback from USB or SD media and Bluetooth wireless pairing.

These cabinets are fully featured for virtually any PA application and pair perfectly with the CASA series sub cabinets for high energy sound reinforcement.

Available sizes:

  • 8" (178.108UK)
  • 10" (178.110UK)
  • 12" (178.112UK)
  • 15" (178.115UK)

CASA Series Active Sub Cabinets

Lightweight yet powerful active subwoofer units with inbuilt class D amplifiers. Each cabinet is constructed from 15mm MDF with integral side handles for easy portability and 35mm socket to accommodate a mounting pole. The high flex sub driver is front-loaded with a protective steel grille to deliver powerful transients and add warmth to any sound system. The class D amplifier section has stereo line inputs and outputs to allow use either as a mono sub with stereo tops or a matching sub for each top speaker.

Line inputs have a parallel Link output to pass the signal onto further active speakers and a pair of line outputs with switchable high pass filter to connect to active top cabinets. A phase switch is included to help avoid sound cancellation and time-align multiple speaker setups.

Designed as a perfect match for the CASA series speakers and equally at home with other active full range cabinets.

Available sizes:

  • 10" (178.120UK)
  • 12" (178.122UK)
  • 15" (178.125UK)
  • 18" (178.128UK)




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