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09 Apr 2024

Praesensa PA-VA System - IP-connected and fully-featured

Bosch, Dynacord & Electrovice Stand: N-A01

An IP-based system can immediately accommodate changes to building use. When you add or define new areas for use, the system updates the changes effortlessly. All devices across the system are IP-connected, facilitating both centralized and decentralized setups, as well as easy interconnectivity with other systems in the network. Devices in an IP-networked system can be managed via OMNEO media networking technology, enabling PRAESENSA to deliver better audio quality and greater scalability than any other public address and voice alarm system.

Depending on the local standard, an IP-based system can often use existing IP-network infrastructure with standard cabling and network switches. This can generate considerable cost savings for system integrators, installers and building owners. Further cost-efficiency is gained through remote diagnosis and maintenance of the system via internet, reducing or eliminating the need for site visits.

IP-based technology ensures reliability from the moment of installation, with redundancy incorporated throughout the whole system. This includes all devices and IP network connections, critical signal paths and functions, which can all be constantly supervised.

The PAVA system supports smart integration of functions and backup facilities, with encryption and authentication offering complete protection against eavesdropping and hacking.

IP-based systems allow for user interfaces that are easy to use, intuitive and accessible. Basic operations such as making voice announcements, scheduling events or effectuating voice evacuation protocols can be easily performed by authorized staff, with no need for extensive training.

System control is software-based, allowing simple updates to meet future requirements, while maintaining the highest levels of protection and system security.

The same smart and simple-to-use interface can be operated on a PC, tablet or smartphone. This brings great freedom, allowing you to supervise your public address and EVAC system from your own trusted devices from a remote location, for both control and audio streaming services.

The key hardware devices in an IP-based PRAESENSA public address and voice alarm system are controlled by software, resulting in a system that is feature-rich and future-ready, with the potential for further capabilities to be added over time. IP-based systems can handle late-stage adjustments with ease, making them ideal for systems integrators and installers dealing with last-minute changes.

IP network setup is straightforward, as all system components are supplied with preconfigured and integrated Ethernet switches.





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